The Blue Economy

SAIL MED is part of the blue economy. The blue economy refers to food, jobs and opportunities for sustainable development provided by the world's oceans and coastal assets. We aim to find sustainable clean shipping solutions to better protect these assets. Maritime pollution from fossil-fuel burning ships harms marine ecosystems and coastal resources. Transporting more cargo by sail power better protects ocean and coastal assets.

SAIL MED also connects producers and small scale farmers over a localized network that utilizes the oceans and ports for clean, durable transport.

We can better support a blue economy by:

  • Establishing local or regional cargo and passenger trade utilizing sail power; and
  • Supporting the clean, wind propelled cargo ship “Ecoliner” approach for higher-volume cargo 

As the seas become more crowded with vessels, we need to act smarter to improve the environmental impact maritime cargo has on our oceans, and coastal assets.








Andros Island. Photo lent to us by: Luea Ritter.

Andros Island. Photo lent to us by: Luea Ritter.

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