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EU (Interreg IVB) North Sea Region Programme

S@IL (Hybrid Freight Sailing: Sustainable Approaches and Innovative Liaisons). See final papers and findings from the S@IL consortium here.



IMO Third GHG Study 2014 - Final Report

Renewable Energy Option for Shipping - Technology Brief. Published by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency). Jan 2015.

European Commission - Climate Action

Reducing Emissions from the Shipping Sector

Naval Architects 

Dykstra (Design of the Ecoliner)


Wind Technology Developments

B9 Shipping

Wind Challenger Project HP

Sky Sails

Articles and Studies

Jacob, Navin, "Designing a cash-flow model: Wind assisted hybrid ship propulsion," 14 April, 2014[Report prepared for the Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme S@IL]

"Re-inventing Wind Power – Some Ships Go Back to Sails," 3 Feb. 2014, Marine Engines and Fuels.

Singh, Timon, "Dykstra Proposes Putting Modern Automatic Sails On Large Container Vessels," Dec. 20, 2012,

Greg Atkinson, Director & Chief Technology Officer at Eco Marine Power, "Wind and Solar Power for Ships," Eco Marine Power.

Raunek, "Top 7 Green Ship Concepts Using Wind Energy," 29 June 2013, Marine Insight.

" A marine renewable energy solution for modern ships," 1 Feb. 2012, Electric Vehicles Research (China).

Kremer, William."How much bigger can container ships get?" 19 Feb. 2013. BBC

Pearce, Fred. "How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world," 21 Nov. 2009. Daily Mail.