SAIL MED - Pilot Sail Transport Voyage (Summer 2014)

From June 19 - 22, 2014, SAIL MED collaborated with the local community on Spetses Island (Greece) to launch a sailing cargo voyage at the conclusion of the 4th annual Classic Yacht Race on Spetses. In total, 72 vessels participated in this year's racing event in the four different categories: Classic Boats, Traditional Caiques, Lateens, and Dragon.

SAIL MED transported locally produced olive oil from the Peloponnese to Spetses Island by means of a sailing vessel. The olive oil was sold and distributed to locals on Spetses.


The Poseidonian Hotel on Spetses is an official Sponsor of SAIL MED.

At the completion of the races, Nontas Labadarios, President of the SCYR Organizing Committee and Vice-President of the Yacht Club of Greece, remarked: “As we expected, this year’s event was very successful, something guaranteed by the Yacht Club’s years of experience and human resources. The international institution that is the SCYR has been established as the greatest Classic Yacht Race in Greece and one if the most important in the Mediterranean”.