Sailing 1000 l of olive oil from Greece to Italy


It all started after we completed the Aegean Cargo Sailing trip in early June 2017. The blog,  the pictures,  and the video were published on the Sailmed website and people became aware of the success of our project. Among them Wolfgang and Kaliopi who were investigating the possibility to sail some of the olive oil that Kaliopi's family produces in the Kalamata region.  They asked if we were ready to sail one ton of oil to the Venice region for them to move by clean electric energy to Zurich where they live. After long discussions,  hesitations and planning we sailed off with PELAGO on March 16 from  Lavrion and after various storms, repairs and weather delays we safely delivered the olive oil in Civitanova Marche,  just south of Ancona,  on April 26.
The blog of this trip is hosted on the Sigasiga website created by Wolfgang and you can read it by clicking.


The captain, Loucas, presents the whole concept and olive oil trip.