Jan Lundberg sailed out of this life from Ikaria

He departed this life in the morning of Monday, October 15 from his home in Karavostamo, where he had chosen to live and fight the disease for two years. He is our friend who started the effort to revive sailing as a means of transportation in the Aegean and the Mediterranean. He had already, over the last ten years, helped to revive pure wind sailing transport in the Atlantic with Sail Transport Network (sailtransportnetwork.org).

Jan always lived thinking and acting freely, avoiding habit and convention.

His parents traveled from California to Mexico to give birth to their children bypassing conventional medicine and giving them the extra freedom of Mexican citizenship. When Jan was a teenager, his parents took up their three children and sailed through Panama and the Atlantic and for four years they lived in Europe and sent their children to schools in Gibraltar, the UK, France, Italy and Greece to acquire European Education.

He always lived close to nature and loved the sea and sailing.

For part of his life he took over the family business specializing in the analysis of fuel markets and the oil economy. With the knowledge of this industry, he moved away from conventional life and he dealt in ideas and activism for the environment, social and cultural change (culturechange.org), against fossil fuels, cars, forest destruction, plastics. He fought for the protection of the forests, cultivated the land organically with colleagues and transported their production with tricycles to the markets, lived in sailboats and in the woods. Ten years ago he founded the sailtransportnetwork.org organization and for six years he returned to Greece that he so loved to revive Aegean Cargo Sailing.

I was fortunate to meet him four years ago and one year later we worked together to implement the Aegean Cargo Sailing.

The tragic coincidence was that at the same time he learned about the illness that had already invaded his body and that shortened his creative life. The brave man he was decided to fight for recovery in Ikaria, in Karavostamo, the way he learnt from his parents, living a life in nature and fasting, avoiding conventional medicine. In these three years his plans on Cargo Sailing met with great success while his health remained stable for two years but collapsed from the beginning of 2018. Until the last moment he was strong and fearless while friends and family spent the last months close to him for support. In Karavostamo he was welcomed as a friend by the small and hospitable society that embraced him and supported him. Every day they offered him the local products of the Earth he loved so much, invited him to friendly gatherings and the local festivals (panegyria) and they anxiously asked about his health when they did not see him.

Good trip Jan. As you asked, we will spread some of your ashes to the sea of Ikaria. We will continue your work in your memory.

Loucas Gourtsoyannis