The EU's SAIL consortium was comprised of 17 partners from seven North Sea member states that utilized a  3,4 million grant to conceive and design the Ecoliner (pictured above).  

SAIL consortium findings


SAIL Project Introduction

Flyer about the activities and goals of the NSR SAIL project

Report: Final Conference

Project conference April 22nd 2015, Delft (Deltares)


Joint production and summary of the NSR SAIL project


Factors of hybrid sailing re-emergence in the transition to a low carbon economy


Compilation of SAIL project news 2013 -2015

Roadmap for Sail Transport

Roadmap for the introduction of wind assisted hybrid shipping. Current state of affairs and challenges. By E&E Consultant

Information on the Ecoliner


Ecoliner Brochure

Introduction to the Ecoliner concept

Pitchbook Ecoliner

Specifications of the Ecoliner design


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