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SAIL MED is a part of Sail Transport Network, which is an official project of the Global Village Institute. To make a donation, kindly send your donation to Global Village Institute for Sail Transport Network and also inform us that it is for SAIL MED.

The donations for participating in the sailing tourism trips will go towards covering the cost of boat rental, professional captain's salary, meals and targeted visits in the islands and subsidizing the transportation cost of small quantities of high quality and low carbon footprint products. Our not for profit organisation will reinvest any profits into solar panel systems for the electricity needs of the sailboats, replacing diesel engines with electric propulsion systems, supporting salvaging and building from scratch traditional wooden cargo sailboats that are disappearing fast, doing research into expanding sustainable agriculture and land transport in the islands, supporting local bio producers to optimise their products and finding markets for them. The legal form chosen does not allow distribution of profits to member shareholders and it is specifically conceived as a legal social improvement vehicle.

Sail Med Project Office in Greece:

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Faros, Ikaria Island, Greece

Ph. +30 6937110878    Email: