Harlingen Tall Ships Race to be Complemented by SAIL Consortium Meeting

by Jan Lundberg

I'm honored to be asked to visit the small but brave, Frisian harbor town of Harlingen which is about to present the Tall Ships Race of 2014. The foundation Harlingen Sail, the municipality of Harlingen and the province of Fryslân are hosting the race that involves several nearby countries. A feast for the eyes, it is also a training opportunity for many young sailors. The photo below says it all.

   Photo courtesy Harlingen Tall Ships Race


Photo courtesy Harlingen Tall Ships Race

I'll also participate in the SAIL consortium's planning for the construction of an Ecoliner, July 3-4, 2014. For those wondering about the practicality of sailing ships for the global oil-fired economy, the SAIL consortium of seven North Sea nations is laying the groundwork for the Ecoliner. Seventeen partners cooperating under a large EU grant to develop a hybrid sailing ship is having one of its regular meetings right before Harlingen's race festivities begin.

The artist's rendition at the top of this email shows the Ecoliner which is getting its final design.

For more information see nsrsail.eu and Dykstra Naval Architects.

Northern Europe is leading the world in both traditional sailing ships and the modernization of sail cargo operation. It can happen in the U.S. and elsewhere, but perhaps the next place is the Mediterranean. This is the aim of SAIL MED, a new consortium organizing traditional, small-scale cargo via clean wind energy along with future Ecoliners.

[read the full report here]

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