SAIL MED - Presentation at Yale University (Winter 2017)

On December 14, 2017, as part of a film series on the Greek Seas, SAIL MED presented Aegean Cargo Sailing and our pilot voyage video at Yale University.  


SAIL MED transported local products from six islands across the Greek Aegean. The products were shared amongst the shops and showcased with clean shipping labels from Sail Med.  

"Small producers struggle to survive these days, especially when they are far away from the mainland and the big cities. So it was a big pleasure for me, to find them and help them to make their products well known out of their small areas! Transporting not only the organic products with a clean way, but also the knowledge of traditional methods found on each of the islands.

And I was double happy when, during my trip, I met so many young people from our islands who keep their grandparent's traditions, caring more for the environment and the quality of what they are making." - Valia Stefanoudaki.